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New Patient Reviews

Very Good First Impression

Very good first impression, from the friendly receptionist, to the X-ray tech , to the doctor, I was very pleased and am feeling confident that I will be treated properly, and will be back to normal soon with the help of the entire staff.
~Dean R.

Comfortable and Secure

I enjoyed Dr Josh’s welcoming and light-heartedness, at my first visit, while running me thru the necessary tests and questioning, to understand my issues. He made me feel comfortable and secure in his care. Thank you!
~Janet K.

Amazing First Appointment!

Amazing first appointment! The ladies at the front desk were so friendly and everyone was very understanding of me running late due to travel problems. Josh eased my first appointment nervousness as I’ve never seen a chiropractor before my nerves were going! He was very knowledgeable and made sure to answer all questions and make sure I was aware of the entire process during my appointment! I’m so excited to go back and I feel very confident that Josh will help my problem areas!
~Haleigh N.

Glad to Get Seen Right Away

I love your office’s practice of setting aside time for new patients each day. There is nothing worse than being told that the first available appointment is a week or more after you call. The pain needs attention right away, when it means your livelihood is at stake. I was so glad to get seen right away!
~Charlotte G.

Extremely Friendly and Knowledgeable

Dr Josh was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He walked me through everything he was doing both before and during the procedure which made me feel extremely comfortable. I couldn’t be happier with the results from my first visit.
~Rick H.

Great Experience

I was expecting to therapeutic corrective action however I am glad to see the very in depth, computer aided diagnosis to make sure the Dr. knows all the factors that may be affecting me.
~Glenn G.

Excellent Level of Care

The level of care provided by your practice is truly appreciated. As a patient, feeling comfortable enough to discuss your health is so important. Thankfully, with each member of your staff being incredibly personable, comfort is not an issue. Thank you for everything; you all have been great!
~Maggie E.

In-Depth Evaluation

I was very impressed (and I’m picky!) I’ve seen about 3 other chiropracters in my adult years, and I haven’t experienced an evaluation that was so in-depth at my first visit. I’m hoping to not only feel better, but learn more about what may be causing me problems and how I can address it at home. Great job so far!
~Amy M.

Everyone Here is So Caring

Everyone that works at this office is excellent — so caring and very family oriented!
~Rachel C.

Very Comfortable

I was very nervous about my visit to the chiropractor being it was my first time, but everyone made me feel very comfortable. Also the explanations the doctor had given me was very easy to understand.
~Kim B.

Very Pleased

Very pleased so far and looking forward to feeling better soon.
~Clifford B.

Extremely Thorough

Most thorough review of my overall health I have had in many years. Also, Dr. Dave was receptive to my alternative therapies I practice to complement the care I am hoping to receive. Thanks for a great first impression!
~Nancy E.

So Glad

I’m so glad I came in to the office. I probably should have come sooner.

~Mieko P.

Friendly And Caring

Very friendly and caring office!
~Judith H.


I appreciate the time that was taken to explain things to me and I felt very confident that I was in good hands! Great experience and I’m happy I chose Stalheim Chiropractic.
~Leann C.


I can now touch my back!
~Bonnie B.


Doctor Josh is awesome! I have to admit I was a little skeptical and quite wary of the adjustment apparatus. His great sense of humor and knowledge truly made me feel more at ease and in very good hands!

~Susan B.

Put At Ease

Was very nervous and apprehensive about my first appointment, but was put at ease right away after meeting the staff at Stalheim and Dr. Josh.
~Kelly S.


I can’t say enough about the kindness and helpfulness of the staff! For the first time ever, I left an appointment regarding my migraine headaches feeling hopeful and enthusiastic. Thank you!
~Jamie S.

Feeling A Difference

I could feel the difference after the first treatment. After the second I had my first full nights sleep in a very long time. Thank you so much.
~Joanne V.


I am always impressed with Dr.Josh’s comprehensive knowledge of the body. He goes above and beyond to assist his patients in making the healthiest choices for his or her body and lifestyle.
~ Megan B.

Taking Charge

With Dr. Josh it is more than just healing you for the moment. He takes it much, much further. It truly is about wellness and taking charge of it for yourself. He does actually listen and gives advice and instructions on how to heal and stay well. He can’t do it for you, but he will definitely show you how. Very caring and honest. God Bless you.
~ Mary W.